How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire 2021

For you fans of the battle royale game, you must know Free Fire very well? This shooting game is very popular with young people because it is fun and very challenging to play. In games of the same genre, including Free Fire, the existing currency can be used to buy premium items. The currency is diamond. And it turns out that you know how to get free diamonds in free fire for free and legally.

Getting diamonds is very profitable, because you can buy items that can be used to strengthen your character in the game. You can buy weapons, costumes, and so on. So far, to have diamonds you have to buy and top up. But now, you can get a free diamond that’s also legal in 2021 in the following ways.


How to Get Free Diamonds Free Fire

Using the Free Fire Redeem Code


There is still a way to get free diamonds in the Free Fire game, namely by using the FF redeem code. This code is a special code given by Garena for players to get cool prizes in it with the applicable terms and conditions. To do this, simply exchange the redeem code for free diamonds.

But unfortunately, this redeem code doesn’t always contain free diamonds. Can also contain bundles or other recent items. Even though it doesn’t guarantee getting diamonds, you could be lucky right?

Oh yes, this redeem code also has a time limit or expiration. So, make sure you exchange as soon as possible.

How to Redeem Free Fire Redeem Codes

  1. Open the Garena Free Fire Rewards website at
  2. Login with your FB account
  3. Enter the Free Fire Reward Code then confirm
  4. The prize will automatically enter your Free Fire game inbox
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Using Google Opinion Rewards

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This time, the way to get free diamonds that you can do is use the Google Opinion Reward. This program from Google can indeed give Google Gift Cards which can later be exchanged to buy diamonds on Free Fire. In this Google Opinion Reward, you can fill out various surveys that are given.

The trick, you just need to download the application, then just join the survey event. However, you have to keep on watching the site, huh. Because so many people joined, so they were afraid of not getting a slot. Want to try?

Watch and participate in events from Garena

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Following events held by Free Fire game publisher, namely Garena also one of the ways to get free diamonds, you know. Various recent events are held with the aim of making players more enthusiastic about this game or to celebrate.

In the event that is being held, usually there will be exclusive item prizes including free diamond prizes. Usually Garena announces events that will be held through their social media. For that, don’t forget to follow Garena and Free Fire’s social media accounts to find out about the latest event news and join the event. It’s not bad to get free diamonds … that’s …!

Join a Giveaway held by Youtuber

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In India, there are still many gaming YouTubers who play the Free Fire game. These YouTubers not only provide gaming content for their subscribers, but often also hold giveaway. This giveaway is usually held after the YouTuber has made a certain achievement. Or it can also be held with the aim of increasing subscribers.

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From the giveaway, you can get free diamonds by following the conditions required by the YouTuber. One of the YouTubers who often give Free Fire diamond giveaway is Total Gaming . Enter the channel right away!

Using the Surfee application

The Surfee app is also a money-making app making similar to Kubik News and other apps. You can download directly on the Play Store, then register immediately by filling in the required data.

Later, there will be an extra 500 points as a registration reward after you enter the referral code, you know. Furthermore, you can carry out various missions or tasks to get points. Can invite as many friends as possible and other missions. These points can later be exchanged for pulses that can be used by Google Play Credits.

Later, you can exchange Google Play Credits for free diamonds on Free Fire.


Guys, there are several ways to get free diamonds on FF legally.

Actually there is still another way, namely using the Diamond Generator. However, this method is illegal, so it is not recommended to do it. The problem is that besides cheating, your account is also at risk of being banned. Better to be patient and diligent in trying but to get diamonds safely, right?

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